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If your passion is football, especially the NFL, you're at the correct web site. Last year was yet another winning season in football. Although it wasn't as profitable as the 2000 season, we still turned a profit. Best Bets is where I have always excelled and that proved true in 2001. My pro football, and basketball Best Bets went a stellar 43 - 19 - 3 ATS or 69.4%. They were sitting at 43 - 14 - 3 ATS until I lost 5 in a row. There is no such thing as a sure thing when gambling. Only one handicapper in all of the nation picked over 60% ATS winners in the NFL and NCAA College regular and post season play for the 2000 season. I went 103 – 60 ATS for a 63.2% record and won $ 26,770.00 for my clients as documented by the Sports Monitor.


I am successful in sports handicapping because I work at handicapping full time and keep meticulous records. I’ve been following and wagering on football for over 30 years. Unlike most sports services out there, I play my own picks. The last time I had a losing record in football was back in the 1980’s.


I have my own process when selecting what I deem to be the correct over and under total on a game as well as the true number on a side play. I have more than 300,000 pieces of football and basketball data and work with over 1,000 systems.


In my weekly column for Winner’s Edge I picked 60% or greater ATS in the NFL for 3 consecutive seasons, that is every year I have written for the paper! Last year I went 18 - 11 ATS and those selections were made Sunday night for the following week.


I also "hit" 24 out of 29 selections in the first annual Winner’s Edge Workbook, and amazing 82.8%, selecting over and under totals at the end of May for the entire 2000 NFL season, documented in print with your own eyes and more importantly your wallet! Last season the 911 fiasco played havoc with many of the scheduling systems. The over/under plays went 14 - 11 ATS and the combined 2 year record is now 38 - 16 or 70.4% ATS


You won’t hear the "lock" word at Greg Dempson Sports, as there is no such thing. Guarantee is another word I will not use when playing a game. No one can guarantee that a game will win. I can however guarantee that I will continue to work hard and provide you with my very best selections. I hope you enjoy this web site, and the information I provide for you will be both useful and beneficial to you. If you have any questions about my pay service I can be reached via email at gdsports@shaw.ca. My toll free number can be accessed from anywhere in Canada or the United States including Hawaii and all U. S. territories. Our toll free telephone number is 1-877-717-7577.