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Website update for Sunday December 10, 2017




Greg's NFL Super Sunday 3-Pack Includes






Plus an Additional 3.5 star full service play  



by Rowland Upchurch

IMPORTANT: if you wish to email Greg please do so via gregdempson@gmail.com.


Greg has a three pack up in his Purchase Picks section including a 4.5 STAR BEST BET


along with a 4 STAR plus an additional 3.5 star game. He must produce a winning Sunday


for you or next weekend's NFL card is on him, including all BEST BETS, (next Sunday


he might have a 5 STAR BEST BET.) Details below as well as in the Purchase Picks section.


Mr. "D." was 2-3 in College hoops yesterday with his lone NBA selection on the Bucks winning for 1-0 in the NBA.

You can view the dollar value amounts he wagers on by visiting Today's Selections as  the top of the home page.



Greg's 5 STAR BEST BETS are 5-0 ATS this football season. He has one NFL game


circled for next weekend, details next Tuesday on this potential 5 STAR BEST BET.


Sunday's update is in progress, look below for the various systems, free picks and Tweets.


You can follow Greg's selections on Sports Watch Monitor as they are posted shortly after the games kick-off, (puck is dropped, etc.) The exceptions are buying a half-point on totals as neither monitor site offers that as a monitored selection. They only allow -1.5 goals or the money line in hockey as well, not games listed at -1 goal.


Sunday's First Half Bonus System posted by DB Williams on behalf of Greg Dempson

Seattle Seahawks at Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Play road teams UNDER the total in the first half when the O/U is between 18 and 21 points when they're off two or more consecutive unders as well as a good offensive team that's scoring 24 or more points per game. This system is 05-25 = 83% to the UNDER in the first half in the last 10 seasons.


Greg's newest article at www.superpicks.com is on the division contest between the Raiders and Chiefs.


Click onto Today's Selections at the top of Greg's home page to see all games in every sport that he is wagering on.


Greg rewarded his 2016/2017 College football and NFL season long subscribers with a combined profit of $15,788.00 as documented at TSM, The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City.


Greg's 3-Pack includes a 4.5 STAR and 4 STAR BEST BET, watch and win for $65.00 


by clicking here.


You can also receive additional free selections by subscribing to Greg's free selections and systems via email list. Simply email Greg at gdsports@shaw.ca and say, "Add me to the list." There are no obligations whatsoever.


  • Mr. "D's" NFL free plays went 15-7 ATS last season.
  • Tweeted Angles by R. Upchurch for Greg Dempson
  • Mr. Dempson's Sunday's Tweets are in progress, follow Greg on Twitter.
  • #1, Greg's comp play in the NBA is on the Celtics at -1.
  • #2, Greg's comp College hoops play is on UNC-Wilimington at +10.5
  • #3, Greg's comp NHL selection is on the San Jose Sharks at -110 on the money line.
  • #4, This NFL team is 12-01 to the OVER this Sunday, find out when you follow Greg on Twitter.
  • #5, This NFL coach is 13-2 to the OVER in road games after allowing ? or more total yards in their previous game.
  • #6, This NFL team is 16-03 to the OVER after this has occurred.
  • #7, This head coach is 


NFL 2017 Super Systems, click here for Greg's weekly NFL system

Mr. "D.'s" Sunday's system is posted on the Sunday night game between the Ravens and Steelers.


NFL 2017 Complementary Selections, click here for Greg's complementary NFL play 

Greg went 15-07-01 ATS with his comp NFL selections last season. This season his complementary selections are 5-4 ATS.


College Football Super Systems, click here for Greg's Saturday College system

Greg's next College system is pending.


College Football Complementary Selections, click here next week for Greg's comp College selection

Mr. "D's" College free picks are 7-5-1 ATS. 


The Sports Watch Monitor is monitoring all Greg's full service selections in all Sports, (by Rowland Upchurch)


Monitored By SportsWatchMonitor


Mr. Dempson went 111-72-11 = 60.65% ATS with his College and NFL full service clients selections as documented by The Sports Monitor last year in College and NFL. His clients had a combined football profit of +$15,788.00 in 2016/2017.


Each documented sports monitoring site utilizes various sports books and one site might grade a selection as a push at +3 while the other site might have a sports book offer a line of +3.5 points, so there will be slight differences between the two monitoring sites.


NHL Systems for 2017/2018

Pending, check back later

Greg's NHL systems have returned for the 2017/2018 season so click here for his NHL system. 


2017/2018 NBA Systems

Pending, check back later


Greg's NBA systems have returned click here later today for his NBA system.


MLB Systems for 2017 Season, check back next season and then click here for Greg's next MLB system


MLB Free Selections, check back next season for Greg's next complementary play