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Website update for Sunday February 26, 2017



4.5 STAR BEST BET Goes Today




by Greg Dempson 

On today's card I have one 4.5 STAR BEST BET going in the NBA! Details noted below!


 On Saturday I went 2-2 ATS winning my 4.5 STAR on Miami for +$450.00 and a 4 STAR for +$400.00 on Miami U. The two winners were +$850.00. I lost a 4 STAR on the Kings in the NBA for -$440.00 as well as -$440.00 on thr Arizona Wildcats for -$440.00. Yesterday was -$30.00. For those of you who bought my package, I have emailed you today's 4.5 STAR BEST BET on me.


Sunday's update is in progress and will include four solid basketball Tweets. My three free selections plus three systems are now posted.


I was +$3,590.00 for the first 10 days of February, (17-09-01 ATS.)

I was +$1,313.00 from February 11 until the 20 and (8-5 ATS.)  the

So far I'm 3-4 ATS and -$760.00 for last portion of this month.



My February 4, 4.5 and 5 STAR BEST BETS are a stellar 13-4 ATS.


JAN. 31 was 2-0 with +$400.00 on the Wizards -7 and +$300.00 for +$700.00

JAN. 30 was 0-1, Pelicans -$330.00

JAN 29, In progress, check email, he might have passed.

JAN. 28, 1-4, Miami U +$200.00, Iowa -2, -$220.00, -CAL-Irvine -$220.00, Fresno State over 144.5, -$220.00 and Fresno State M/L -$240.00. Jan. 28 was -$700.00.

JAN. 27, in progress, etc. David has supplied me with the remaining data and I will have it posted Sunda night.



I started the final 10 days of January, (21 until 31,) at 7-7 ATS and +$323.00.

From January 1 until the 20 Mr. "D." went 24-22 ATS and +$4,954.00.  Winning his higher rated selections has paid off once again for January as he was been able to maximize his profits. From August 1, 2016 up to and including last night Greg is +$16,523.00 with all plays at 1 star up to 5 stars with football being $200.00 per unit or star. (A 5 STAR football play would be for $1,000.00 and a 1 star would = $200.00.)


If you click onto the NFL section you will see his plus or minus record for the month of September throughout the entire season and this will continue throughout the remainder of 2016 as well as the entire year of 2017, etc.


The Sports Watch Monitor lists all of Greg's full service selections shortly after the games start, if you click onto their link on the banner below and then query his name, Greg Dempson, you'll see what he is wagering on.


Follow Greg on Twitter as Rowland's posting his super Tweets continually.


Get today's 4.5 STAR BEST BET for only $26.00, then you can watch and win 


by clicking here.  


You can also receive additional free selections by subscribing to Greg's free selections and systems via email list. Simply email Greg at gdsports@shaw.ca and say, "Add me to the list." There are no obligations whatsoever.


Every Edge Weekly Selections by Rowland Upchurch for Greg

My Every Edge postings in the NBA are now  3-1 ATS with my NBA basketball selections and 1-5 in College hoops. I have a NBA pick up at the Every Edge web site on their home page.


  • Sunday's Free Zone
  • Saturday's three free-zone picks went 2-1.
  • My Sunday NHL comp selection is Ottawa/Florida over 5 goals -110.
  • My Sunday free College basketball selection is to take Xavier +2
  • Tonight's comp NBA  play is on the Toronto Raptors -4.5.
  • Mr. "D's" NFL free plays went 15-6 = 71% ATS this season.
  • Tweeted Angles by R. Upchurch for Greg Dempson
  • Greg has a feature that began Sunday May 29, 2016 entitled Tweeted Angles.
  • My Sunday Tweets are in progress, follow me on Twitter.
  • #1, This College team is 
  • #2, In progress.
  • #3, This NBA team is 
  • #4, This College team is 


The Sports Watch Monitor is monitoring all Greg's full service selections in all Sports beginning with the NFL season. His selections at their site are posted shortly after the games start, click onto their banner below and search for Greg Dempson.

Greg's 38-28 = 57.60% ATS in College and 43-26-02 = 63.2% in the NFL, (Combo of 81-54 = 60.0% ATS.)


Monitored By SportsWatchMonitor

Greg is also monitored at TSM, (The Sports Monitor,) Greg's College record is 37-28 = 56.92% ATS and +$3,826.00. His NFL record is 43-25 = 63.24% and +$6,360.00 and #1 in net units won at +15.50. His combined record is 63-41-07 = 60.15% ATS and +$10,186.00.

Each documented sports monitoring site utilizes various sports books and one site might grade a selection as a push at +3 while the other site might have a sports book offer a line of +3.5 points, so there will be slight differences between the two monitoring sites. Greg released the Monday October 24 game on Denver -7 @ -118 at Sports Watch Monitor early... but not at TSM, (The Sports Monitor,) as all their posted odds were at -7.5 and higher.


NHL Systems for 2016/2017

Sunday February 26 at 7:35 ET

Ottawa Senators at Florida Panthers

Sunday's NHL system is posted so click here for my NHL system. 


2016/2017 NBA Systems

Sunday February 26, (5:05 ET)

Utah Jazz at Washington Wizards

My NBA system for Sunday is posted so click here for my NBA system.


MLB Systems for 2017 Season,

Coming Soon to a Diamond Near Yousmiley

Greg's full game and first five innings systems will be posted throughout the entire MLB season plus the playoffs and the World Series. Check back on opening day and then click here for Greg's MLB Super Systems.


MLB Free Selections


Greg's MLB free picks will begin when the season starts so check back and then click here for his daily MLB complimentary selections.
College Basketball Systems
Sunday February 26 at 7:30 ET
Illinois at Nebraska
My College basketball system for Sunday is posted so click here for my College system.