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Website update for Sunday November 29, 2015


NFL Sunday plus the NHL and NBA



by DB Williams


Greg went 1-2 with his BEST BETS yesterday winning his 5 STAR on the over in the Old Miss/Mississippi State at over 63, 63.5 or 64 when he first sent the pick out. Some might have pushed or lost yesterday as the game landed on 65 points. He lost -$990.00 on the over in the Texas A&M game as well as -$880.00 with Stanford -3 as they kicked a last play field goal to win by 2 points. He also lost -$550.00 on Mississippi State at +1.5. For the day he was -$1,440.00. This week he is -$1,081.00 with his selections.



Since Monday May 18, Greg's full service clients are ahead +11.932.00 in all sports.


Greg finished the month of October at 14-4-1 in the NHL and +$2,118.00. For the month of November Greg is 12-10-5 and -$174.00.00. If you click onto the NHL link noted above you can track his NHL selections throughout the entire season.



You can also receive additional free selections by subscribing to Greg's free selections and systems via email list. If you are not signed up, you can do so at the bottom of the web page, there are no obligations whatsoever.


My record with the free selections and systems on the home page of the Every Edge web site is solid. My NCAA Every Edge College record is now 9-3 at their site as Air Force/New Mexico sailed over the total with ease last night, (47-35.). Last week's NFL Every Edge Game of the Week was on the Patriots -4 in the first half, a winner. Greg's 9-5 on their home page for a NFL/NCAA combined record of 18-08 = 69% ATS. Today's EE Game of the Week features his selection between the Steelers and Seahawks contest.


Sunday's update is in progress.


  • Mr. "D" does not have a system on today's lone NHL game but he does offer up a free selection on the under at 5 goals at +100.
  • Greg's NFL Game of the Week as well as his system of the week are noted below.
  • Greg's NBA system goes tonight at 7:35 ET and involves the Rockets and Knicks, it is posted below.



NFL Week 12 System by Greg Dempson

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Indianapolis Colts

My week 11 system on the Carolina Panthers was a winner. Here is today's system, in the month of November, when the first half total is between 21.5 and 24.5 points, play home teams over the total in the first half after covering the spread in 4 out of their last 5 games. This system is 42-16 = 72% to the over in the first half since 1983 as well as 19 - 03 to the over in the past five seasons and 27-09 to the over the past decade. My NFL system of the week is for Tampa Bay and Indianapolis to sail over the first half total of 23 points.


My Full Service Monitored Selections at TSM, The Sports Monitor, will be posted after the games kick-off, click here. 


Week 12 NFL Sunday Game of the Week, 1:00 ET

New York Giants at Washington Redskins by Greg Dempson

My week 11 Game of the Week on the Cardinals in the first half lost. This week's Game of the Week features the Giants at the Redskins,  click here for my NFL Week 12 Game of the Week.


NFL Systems, Trends and Angles Section for Week 12

Greg's full game and first half systems, top coaching trends and angles will be posted weekly throughout the entire 17 week's of the regular season, Rowland has posted up 4 Super Systems on behalf of myself , click here to view these Super Systems.


CFL Football by DB Williams

The Grey Cup, Ottawa vs. Edmonton, 4:30 ET

My two selections on this game are as follows, Take the Eskimos at -7 and the game to sail over the total of 51.
NCAA College Basketball, coming soon
In two week's Greg will be posting College basketball systems at this link. You'll be able to click here for his NCAA Basketball systems.
NHL Monday Night System by DB Rowland Upchurch for G. Dempson
Greg's been exceptional in the NHL this season.......  click here for Greg's NHL System of the Night.
NBA Sunday System, 7:35 ET by R. Upchurch for G. Dempson

Houston Rockets at New York Knicks

Greg's Thursday night first half system on the Kings lost. His NBA systems are 6-8 ATS this season. Here is tonight's system, play against all teams when the line is + or -3 points that allow an average of 103 or more PPG following a close straight up win by 3 points or less. This system is 43-15 = 74% ATS since 1996. Greg's NBA Sunday system is on the New York Knicks at +1.5 points.


Purchase Greg's BEST BETS. His NFL BEST BETS finished at 10-3-1 for the 2014/2015 season and they are 10-06-01 ATS this season, that's a combined 20-09 = 69% ATS. Greg has 3 BEST BETS going tonight a 5 STAR plus a 4.5 and 4 STAR. Youmust go 2-1 or his next 4 or 4.5 STAR is on him, the cost is only $57.00. Reward yourself while you watch and win by clicking onto his Purchase Picks section. Greg is proudly monitored by TSM, The Sports Monitor, www.thesportsmonitor.com.


To view Greg's 2014 BEST BETS in all Sports, click here.
Since January 1 of 2014 Greg's 4, 4.5 and 5 STAR BEST BETS are 27-15-3 = 64.29% and +$9,133.00.
Greg's 2015 BEST BETS are 18-12-2 for 2015
#01, 01/10/15, Ravens +7, (31-35,) won +5.0-units
#02, 01/18/15, Patriots -6, (45-7,) won +4.0-units
#03, 02/01/15, Seahawks pick 'em, (24-28,) lost -4.04-units
#04, 03/19/15, Texas -1.5, (56-48,) lost -4.20-units
#05, 05/03/15, Ducks -1/2 in REG, -1 & -1.5 +156, (3-0) won +4.0-units
#06, 05/05/15, Hawks -2 in 1st quarter, (28-20,) won +5.0-units
#07, 05/05/15, Ducks/Flames 4 star on under 5.5 -125, (4-3,) lost -5.0-units.
#08, 05/12/15, Cavaliers -5 -118, (106-101,) push on 4.0-units
#09, 05/12/15, Rockets in 1st quarter pick +100, (27-22,) won +4.0-units
#10, 05/20/15, Rangers/Lightning under 5 -135, (6-5,) lost -5.4-units
#11, 06/04/15, G. State to win game 1 st. up & win series, won +4.5-units
#12, 06/12/15, Chicago/T. Bay under 5/5.5 goals -115, (2-1,) won 4.5-units
#13, 06/16/15, G. State -1 in 4th quarter, (32-36,) lost 4.8-units
#14, 06/20/15, Padres/D-Backs over 7.5 -120,(8-1,) won +4.0-units
#15, 07/16/15, Hamilton -2.5, (17-13,) lost 5.5-units
#16, 09/13/15, Colts/Bills under 45, (27-14,) won +$4.0-units
#17, 09/13/15, Dolphins/Redskins under 43.5, (17-10,) won +4.0-units
#18, 09/13/15, Bengals/Raiders under 43, (33-13,) lost -4.20-units
#19, 09/20/15, Cardinals/Bears over 45.5, (48-23,) won +4.5-units
#20, 09/20/15, Cardinals -1 -118, (48-23,) won +4.0-units
#21, 09/20/15, Dolphins/Jaguars under 41.5, (23-20,) lost 4.4-units
#22, 09/27/15, Steelers pick, (12-06,) won +4.5-units
#23, 10/04/15, Giants/Bills over 45, (24-10,) lost 4.5-units
#24, 10/04/15, Rams/Cardinals over 43.5 points, (24-22,) won +4.0-units
#25, 10/11/15, Broncos/Raiders over 43.5 points, (16-10,) lost -4.4-units
#26, 10/18/15, 5 STAR BEST BET on Texans/Jaguars over 43, (31-21,) WON +5.0-units
#27, 10/18/25, 4.5 STAR BEST BET on Ravens/49ers over 43, (25-20,) won +4.5-units
#28, 10/22/15, East Carolina -2.5, (24-14,) lost -4.4-units
#29, 10/25/15, 4 STAR BEST BET on the Browns/Rams over 41.5, (20-15,) lost -4.4-units
#30, 10/25/15, 4 STAR BEST BET on the Jets +8, (23-30,) won +4.0-units
#31, 10/25/15, 4 STAR BEST BET on the Jets/Patriots over 47.5, (30-23,) won +4.0-units
#32, 11/01/15, 4 STAR BEST BET on the Ravens at -3, (29-26,) push
#33, 11/09/15, 4.5 STAR BEST BET on Bears/Chargers over 49, (22-19,) lost 4.95-units
#34, 11/27/15, Vancouver/Dallas over 5.5 goals -110, (3-2,) lost -$8.80-units
#35, 11/28/15, 5 STAR BEST BET on Ole Miss/Miss. State over 63.5
#36, 11/28/15, 4.5 STAR BEST BET on Texas A&M/LSU over 55
#37, 11/28/15, 4 STAR BEST BET on Stanford -3
#38, ?
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